Humpty Crumbly

Hello! I am the daughter of the lady who runs the shop round the corner. I am only eight years old and I witnessed something happen to Humpty Crumbly, a citizen of Doughia, a village next to ours and was shocked at what happened.

The sun was setting and I was just on the way to my sick nana’s house, when one really ugly biscuit-body, who had just been sitting quietly minding it’s own business on Cream Wall, toppled over and crumbled into dust. I stared at the spot where it had been; speechless, motionless. Suddenly, medium-sized dots where running all over the biscuit. Do you want to know what they were? VERMIN!! Little mean rats!

Out of the blue, a pretty lady bread roll strolled on a path next to the Cream Wall. She dressed in pink, silk gauze, probably on the way to an evening party. She looked like the slightest wind could blow her away; too delicate.

With little life left, the crumbs yelped as the rats crawled, bit and started eating him. Unexpectedly, the lady-biscuit ripped the bottom part of her dress, lifted her foot and knocked the rats out! KNOCK-OUT!!

It was such a blow that the rats lay stunned on the ground.
“Thank you! Dear damsel, thank you! My name is Humpty. You saved me, thank you!” Humpty said.
“Don’t mention it.”
“But really–”
“Everrr.” She left.

After a while, Humpty said, “So,… are you… erm… going to leave me here? Because I need to get somewhere, pretty soon!”
No answer.
Still no answer.
“Okay, fine then.” Humpty stared at the pinky-red sky that had hints of orange, and went to sleep.

When I arrived at my nana’s, I told her the whole story. She laughed hard at it, and somehow, it made her feel better.